OTHER CARDS: 2013 Unia Tarnów Speedway Cards (14 cards set; photos)

Unia Tarnow - Speedway Cards - complete set
Nowadays speedway is the most important sport in my city.

Unia Tarnów is a polish speedway team based in my birthplace, Tarnów, who currently race in Speedway Ekstraliga (the highest level). Threefold Team Polish Champion (2004, 2005 and 2012).

In last year Unia Tarnów won the championship. On this occasion to the local newspaper was added a set of 14 cards. Set include 12 cards with speedway riders from season 2013:

  • Janusz Kołodziej
  • Martin Vaculik
  • Leon Madsen
  • Maciej Janowski
  • Artem Laguta
  • Jakub Jamróg
  • Kacper Gomólski
  • Mateusz Borowicz
  • Edward Mazur
  • Ernest Koza
  • Łukasz Lesiak
  • Dawid Matura

and 2 cards with coaches/managers:

  • Marek Cieślak
  • Paweł Baran

Cards have standard dimensions (such as a sample NBA card). Below a pictures of whole set and a single card (front with speedway rider face and back with name, surname, date of birth, first club, nationality, average points per game and race; also includes space for a autograph).


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