Autographs: Ernest Koza, Mateusz Borowicz, Paweł Baran


October 4, the company Grupa Azoty – the main sponsor of speedway team from Tarnów – celebrated its feast. One of the attractions prepared for the people was a meeting with speedway riders of Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnów. Taking the opportunity I completed the missing autographs of team members: Ernest Koza, Mateusz Borowicz and Paweł Baran (2nd coach and menager). Read the rest of this entry »


OTHER CARDS: 2013 Unia Tarnów Speedway Cards (14 cards set; photos)


Unia Tarnow - Speedway Cards - complete set
Nowadays speedway is the most important sport in my city. Read the rest of this entry »