Grupa Azoty “START” Sports Calendar 2016

Just like last year, the Grupa Azoty issued a special sports calendar for 2016.

Grupa Azoty has concentrated complementary companies with different traditions and expertise to make use of their potential and to implement a common strategy. This gave rise to the largest Polish and one of the largest European chemical company (source). One of the companies of the Grupa Azoty is located in Tarnów – the place of establishment of the company, too. Grupa Azoty is also one of the strategic sport sponsors in country.

Grupa Azoty its sponsorship supports not only professional athletes but also young people who are just starting their adventure with sport. In order to support young athletes the company created a program called “START”.

Grupa Azoty “START” is a comprehensive program of sports and social development aimed at discovering talent by supporting children and young people focused in sports clubs who dream of achieving the best results in different sports. A good start for many of them beginning of the road to mastery and personal development.

Calendar for 2016 presents champions and young athletes sponsored by Group Azoty, covering a variety of sports: ski jumping, cross-country skiing, speedway, speed climbing, basketball, handball, volleyball, football and boxing. Calendar was added to the local newspapers. Like last year I will hang it in my home. Below some pictures.


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