Autographs: Ernest Koza, Mateusz Borowicz, Paweł Baran

October 4, the company Grupa Azoty – the main sponsor of speedway team from Tarnów – celebrated its feast. One of the attractions prepared for the people was a meeting with speedway riders of Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnów. Taking the opportunity I completed the missing autographs of team members: Ernest Koza, Mateusz Borowicz and Paweł Baran (2nd coach and menager).

Ernest Koza – young Polish speedway rider form Tarnów. Speedway license got in June 2012 in Czestochowa. In 2013 he represented speedway club Wanda Krakow (2nd league). Last year he represented club from Tarnów. Main successes: two-time medalist Youth Team Polish Championship (gold in 2012 and silver in 2013), finalist of the Brown Helmet (2013) and the Silver Helmet (2013).

Mateusz Borowicz – young Polish speedway rider from Częstochowa. He is in Tarnow since 2013. Main successes: bronze medal of Polish Team Championship (2013) and finalist of the Brown Helmet (2012).

Paweł Baran – former Polish speedway rider. Speedway license got in 2001. Throughout his career he represented the following clubs: Unia Tarnów, KSŻ Krosno, Wybrzeże Gdańsk. Orzeł Łódź, KMŻ Lublin and teams in Italy and Hungary. He ended his sports career in 2009. Member of Unia Tarnow in season 2004 and won the first Polish Team Championship in club history. In 2011 he became the manager of the Unia Tarnow.


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