#917 – #955: “Magic Basketball” NBA Cards


In the end of the 90s “Magic Basketball” was a most popular monthly magazine about basketball and NBA in Poland. To the two issues was appended NBA cards.

Cards produced by the “Magic Basketball” – if I remember correctly – it was first and the only cards NBA by Polish production. Compared to the cards made by Upper Deck, Fleer or Sky Box the “Magic Basteball Cards” were very poor quality: printed on soft paper, susceptible to damage, containing little information on the back. But the worst was their different size. These cards were bigger than e.g. Upper Deck cards. To put them into a standard pocket each card had to be cut.

I don’t remember how many cards were included in the set – probably there were 48 but I’m not sure. I have 39 cards. Here’s the list:

  • #917: Matt Maloney (Houston Rockets)
  • #918: Hakeem Olajuwon (Houston Rockets)
  • #919: Charles Barkley (Houston Rockets)
  • #920: Kevin Anderson (Portland Trail Blazers)
  • #921: Isaiah Rider (Portland Trail Blazers)
  • #922: Juwan Howard (Washington Bullets)
  • #923: Chris Webber (Washington Bullets)
  • #924: Mitch Ritchmond (Sacramento Kings)
  • #925: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (Sacramento Kings)
  • #926: Horace Grant (Orlando Magic)
  • #927: Anfernee Hardaway (Orlando Magic)
  • #928: Elden Cambell (LA Lakers)
  • #929: Eddie Jones (LA Lakers)
  • #930: Shawn Kemp (Seattle Supersonics)
  • #931: Michael Finley (Dallas Mavericks)
  • #932: Grant Hill (Detroit Pistons)
  • #933: Lindsey Hunter (Detroit Pistons)
  • #934: Joe Dumars (Detroit Pistons)
  • #935: Ray Allen (Milwaukee Bucks)
  • #936: Avery Johnson (San Antonio Spurs)
  • #937: Dennis Rodman (Chicago Bulls)
  • #938: Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls)
  • #939: Scottie Pipper (Chicago Bulls)
  • #940: Steve Kerr (Chicago Bulls)
  • #941: Latrell Sprewell (Golden State Warriors)
  • #942: Joe Smith (Golden State Warriors)
  • #943: Jerry Stackhouse (Philadelphia 76ers)
  • #944: Karl Malone (Utah Jazz)
  • #945: Antoine Walker (Boston Celtics)
  • #946: Stephon Marbury (Minnesota Timberwolves)
  • #947: Patrick Ewing (New York Knicks)
  • #948: Allen Iverson (Philadelphia 76ers)
  • #949: Greg Anthony (Vancouver Grizzlies)
  • #950: Anthony Mason (Charlotte Hornets)
  • #951: Kevin Johnson (Phoenix Suns)
  • #952: Jim Jackson (New Jersey Nets)
  • #953: Damon Stoudamire (Toronto Raptors)
  • #954: Tim Hardaway (Miami Heat)
  • #955: Jamal Mashburn (Miami Heat)

Below I present a close-up front and back one of the cards.

kevin-johnson-magic-basketball-card-front kevin-johnson-magic-basketball-card-back


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